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Introducing the BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment – a revolutionary solution designed to provide round-the-clock protection against a vast array of microbial contaminants. 

This state-of-the-art treatment is your shield against the relentless growth of harmful pathogens, ensuring a safer environment for you and your loved ones.

Unmatched Antimicrobial Protection

BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment stands out with its broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection. It actively combats mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and algae, ensuring all surfaces remain clean and hygienic. What sets it apart is its continuous action; it works 24/7 to inhibit the growth of pathogens that can cause illness, stains, odors, or even degrade the quality of fabrics and textiles.

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Long-Lasting Warranty

When applied correctly by a certified BIOSWEEP® service provider, the effectiveness of the BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment can be warrantied for up to an entire year. This means you can rest easy, knowing your surfaces are protected for months.

Safety First

BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment is not just effective but also safe. It is colorless, odorless, and non-toxic, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your daily life. Moreover, it’s safe for use on every surface, whether in your home, office, or vehicle.

Durable and Reliable

One of the standout features of the BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment is its durability. It will not wash off or wear away for up to 12 months. And if there’s ever a need, it can be conveniently reapplied to specific areas.

Versatile Applications

The BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment is perfect for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Carpeting & Carpet Underlay
  • All Types of Fabrics, whether natural or synthetic
  • Leather Goods
  • Linens
  • Athletic Gear, Apparel, Locker Rooms & Training Equipment
  • Educational Institutions like Daycare Facilities & Schools
  • Medical and Hospice Facilities
  • Hospitality sectors like Hotels and Restaurants
  • Kitchen areas, including Countertops, Cabinets, and Fixtures
  • Furniture pieces
  • Mattresses & Bedding
  • Interiors of Vehicles or Boats
  • Mass Transit Vehicles
  • And any surface that comes into contact with humans.

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Surface Decontamination FAQs

Absolutely. However, you might find that you don’t need as many cleaning products. You might be able to switch to more eco-friendly or cost-effective alternatives.

BIOSWEEP Service Providers utilize ATP technology, a testing method that detects living biological matter in real-time. This technology is used on-site, either at predetermined or random spots, to guarantee that treated areas meet industry cleanliness standards.

The BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment employs a unique antimicrobial solution that molecularly binds with treated substrates, making the entire surface antimicrobial. This treatment forms a physical barrier of carbon chains that stand upright, similar to swords. Any microbe that comes into contact with this treated surface gets penetrated by these chains, preventing the growth of bacteria, viruses, or mold.

The antimicrobial solution is administered using a specialized industrial sprayer, making the application process quick. After application, the antimicrobial coating dries in about an hour, after which the treated areas can be used again.

For optimal results with the BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment, surfaces should be free from visible dust or debris and should have undergone routine cleaning. If surfaces appear dusty or dirty, we advise wiping them down with a damp microfiber cloth. Additionally, considering the BIOSWEEP® Base Treatment before the Surface Defense Treatment can help eliminate airborne germs or bacteria that might settle on surfaces.

Clinical studies have shown that the antimicrobial solution used in the BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment is effective against MRSA and renders the treated surface resistant for up to a year.

Indeed, the antimicrobial solution used in the BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment is registered with the EPA and complies with the standards set by the Dept. of Defense (DoD) and the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA). It’s even approved for food preparation areas.

That’s okay. Our BIOSWEEP Service Providers specialize in treating large areas that employees and visitors frequently access. They can prioritize and treat specific areas like restrooms, waiting areas, examination rooms, cafeterias, and more. Your local BIOSWEEP Service Provider can also suggest commonly treated areas.

The antimicrobial properties of the BIOSWEEP® Surface Defense Treatment remain intact and won’t wash off. It can endure temperatures up to 257º F and is resistant to organic solvents, strong acids, and bases. Its potency might diminish after 12 months, so we recommend a reapplication between the 10th and 12th months to ensure continued protection.

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