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Absolutely. BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT effectively tackles most animal-related odors, including those from cat urine and skunks. It might be necessary to pre-treat certain areas to ensure comprehensive odor removal.

Yes. BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT effectively neutralizes odors from gasoline and diesel spills. The treatment breaks down the organic compounds in fuel oils. For porous materials like concrete, an enzyme treatment may be necessary before BIOSWEEP®. Consult your local provider for any required pre-treatments.

BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT can target any lingering cigarette smoke particles in the air and on surfaces. After the treatment, our technicians can apply BIOSWEEP® SURFACE DEFENSE for lasting protection against lingering odors.

While one treatment usually suffices, a second treatment is typically provided at no extra cost if odors persist. We stand by our 100% guarantee.

Once mold has been professionally removed, BIOSWEEP® TREATMENT can target any remaining mold particles. After this, our technicians can apply BIOSWEEP® SURFACE DEFENSE to offer continued protection against mold growth.

No. BIOSWEEP® should only be used in unoccupied spaces. It’s unsafe for humans or pets to be present during the treatment. Operators must wear approved protective gear when exposed to the treatment process.

Absolutely! BIOSWEEP BASE TREATMENT excels at eliminating various cooking odors from homes and restaurants. Notably, it effectively tackles the challenging task of removing curry odors. With a specialized pre-treatment for cooking smells, our skilled BIOSWEEP® technicians consistently achieve impressive results.

Yes, we guarantee the removal of organic odors. However, if new odors are introduced post-treatment or underlying non-organic odors exist, we cannot guarantee their removal.

While the treatment eradicates harmful odors, it leaves a temporary fresh scent that usually fades within 24 to 48 hours.

No. BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT relies on ambient oxygen and water vapor. While we do have specialized chemicals for extreme cases, they’re supplementary and not typically used. Both BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT and BIOSWEEP® SURFACE DEFENSE are eco-friendly.

On rare occasions when odors return post-treatment, there’s usually a specific reason. Our technicians are trained to identify and address such challenges. If the odor isn’t eliminated after multiple attempts, we uphold our 100% guarantee.

Our technicians utilize advanced vapor monitoring tools to ensure areas are safe for re-entry.

The certified BIOSWEEP® of Central Florida team employs specialized BIOSWEEP® equipment to decontaminate surfaces and eliminate odors, germs, and bacteria. The BIOSWEEP® system harnesses the power of photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) to generate multiple forms of oxidative gases, effectively targeting airborne contaminants. This method, known as BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT, uses vapor compounds renowned for their potent oxidizing capabilities, ensuring thorough removal of contaminants and odors.

The treatment can be applied to areas as small as cars or as large as structures exceeding 10,000 square feet. The duration and number of units required depend on various factors.

Most indoor spaces can be treated with BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT in under a day, with the exact time depending on various factors. Vehicles typically require around 2 hours. Compared to other methods, BIOSWEEP® can significantly reduce deodorization time.

BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT can reduce deodorization time by up to 90% compared to other methods.

Typically, areas are safe to re-enter about 45 minutes to 1 hour post-treatment.

No. BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT produces purified trivalent oxygen or purified activated oxygen and hydrogen peroxide within its chamber. These agents are then released to target contaminants. This system is vastly more potent than most commercial ozone generators.

Yes, BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT effectively removes airborne formaldehyde, making it an eco-friendly solution.

Definitely. BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT is ideal for restoring items after a fire. If smoke has left a lingering odor on fabrics, a single BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT typically suffices. Our technicians specialize in smoke odor removal.

Certainly. BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT can address organic odors, including those from deceased animals. However, it’s essential to first remove the source of the odor and any residual organic matter before proceeding with the BIOSWEEP® treatment.

BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT is chiefly designed to destroy air and surface contaminants and eliminate odor elimination. It’s capable of addressing nearly any odor or contaminant. Moreover, our BIOSWEEP® SURFACE DEFENSE offers extended antibacterial protection.

After treatment, the space is safe to occupy within an hour. The lingering scent is due to off-gassing from porous materials, but it’s well below safety standards and poses no health risks. Ventilation can expedite the odor’s dissipation.

The treatment produces agents that, while effective cleaners, can be harmful to living tissues. Hence, areas must be unoccupied during treatment. Our technicians use sensors to ensure areas are safe before allowing re-entry.

No. BIOSWEEP® BASE TREATMENT is safe for most materials and won’t damage or bleach fabrics when applied correctly. The BIOSWEEP® SURFACE DEFENSE application usually doesn’t discolor materials, but technicians might test specific areas if necessary.

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